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We Will Welcome You

Meetings are generally very formatted and follow it regularly. We share stories, read from our books, or often study and discuss a topic about addiction and recovery. There are lessons, and sometimes they are formal, but mostly they are informal and relatable.

First things first, we want to say hello. It’s important that you know we see you and welcome you, even if you don’t want to talk much.

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Alcohol addiction recovery group

There are three medications approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) 

Addiction affects more than just those who have the problem. It actually affects everyone in their lives from friends to family to loved ones. Alcohol abuse,..

Alcohol addiction is serious. Dependency on alcohol is common in people who drink it regularly or binge on it. Heavily drinking can cause a lot of health problems. ..

All About AA


Meetings are the most important and well-known part of Alcoholics Anonymous. They are generally based on the 12-Step program that is known in title.                    
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These group meetings are where people can receive support. They can also learn how others cope with life after addiction and maybe find new skills for themselves. Support is the most important part of being able to stay sober.

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It is definitely normal to feel nervous when going to your first meeting. That’s the case with any new situation. You are always welcome and you don’t have to talk. Just sit in and take in the experience. You’ll learn something new, we guarantee.

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Alcoholics Anonymous

  1. We admit that we have no power over alcohol and life is no longer manageable.
  2. A Power larger than us can help us.
  3. Turn our lives over to God and let him will us in our recovery.
  4. Do a moral inventory of ourselves and search truthfully.
  5. Admit to God and others all the truth of our wrongs.
  6. We accept and know it is time for God to change us from our harmful ways.
  7. Ask God to rid us of our shortcomings.
  8. Make a list of every person we have hurt and try to fix it all with them.
  9. Make amends directly with people we’ve hurt unless that would do more harm to them than good.
  10. Keep making sure we test our morals and admit we are wrong when we are.
  11. Use prayer and meditation to improve the connection to God.
  12. 12. Have a spiritual awakening and seek to help others.
Alcoholic addicts in US
Alcoholic recovery center

What To Expect

It’s not as scary as you might believe it to be. You might expect that you have to share or be hugged, or even seem as if you want to be here. That isn’t true. We also aren’t a group of criminals or anything like that.

We are a group of people who, just like you, ended up in a very dark place. Now that we’ve found the light we want to stay in it.


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