About US


Hello there! We are an Enthusiastic Alcoholics Anonymous community,  based in the beautiful city of Phoenix, Arizona. Like the mythical bird rising from the ashes we want to help those in our society be reborn.

 Enthusiastic Alcoholics Anonymous of Phoenix is a collective of men and women who join together. We join together to help support and combat alcohol addiction. It has been proven by research time and time again that support groups really can make or break recovery.

It has been our mission to help better our society since 2016.

Alcohol addiction is a very isolating experiencing. You can burn bridges just as easily as making them. Sometimes there isn’t a good support system if you’ve pushed away all friends and family.

We want to provide that support system for you and help you move forward in recovery. It is important to hold yourself accountable and to have friends who can understand.

Day and night we are here to make you sure you can become a better you. We have daily meetings all over different cities and different types of buildings. There are many different kinds, and there should be some that fit your specific needs.

Enthusiastic Alcoholics Anonymous of Phoenix is here for you.

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