signs of alcoholism in college students

Alcoholism Among Students: What Can it Turn Into? 

Many college students drink. It is very common; however, we have to be careful and notice the signs of alcoholism in college studentsSimply drinking can turn into addiction very quickly if you are not careful. We are going to talk about some of the facts, not alcoholism myths that you may hear. 

The Facts 

Four out of five students will consume alcohol. This could mean the person has an occasional drink or they drink daily. This is 80 percent of students. Out of that 80 percent, fifty percent of those students will binge drink. This means that they drink too much in a short period of time. 

Most people in college admit that they had begun to drink before they entered college. College students drink because they are out on their own and want to experience new adventures and freedom they didn’t have while in high school. 

College students have alcohol available at sporting events and many social activities. This makes it quite tempting to drink. This also means that one drink could easily turn into four or five. When someone drinks quite a bit and does it for extended periods of time, their body develops a tolerance. This means that they must drink more to gain the same effects. If someone drinks heavily, it increases their chance of developing an alcohol disorder. 

Those who develop an alcohol disorder can have severe emotional damage as well as physical damage. Some effects will be temporary; however, some effects can affect a person for many years. This is why it is important to seek help if you believe you have a problem. 

Binge Drinking 

Most college students are known for binge drinking. For men, this means having five or more beverages that contain alcohol within two hours. Women are considered four drinks or more within two hours. The risk is highest during the first six weeks that they are starting colleges. It is at this time that the peer pressure to fit in is very high. Some people will begin drinking soon after their first day of classes. Fitting in and meeting new people is a must in college, and this is often where the problem starts. 

Seeking Help

Many college students believe they are not alcoholics and that they are just doing what everyone else is doing. This is an excuse that many people will use because shame and alcoholism go hand in hand as well. College students are afraid to ask for help because they are afraid others will shame them. 

You should always seek help if you need it. There are specialists available in different treatment centers. If you are unsure of where to go to get help, talk to your local doctor’s office. You could even contact different centers around you. There are different treatments available to people who suffer from alcohol abuse disorders. It is up to you to determine which program is best for you. Plus, there is no shame in seeking help to better your future. 

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