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Alcoholism In Modern Society

Addiction affects more than just those who have the problem. It actually affects everyone in their lives from friends to family to loved ones. Alcohol abuse, generally, can change every aspect of life.

Alcohol is known to be a part of at least 88,000 deaths a year. There are 14 million people in the United States that have alcohol use disorders.

Interestingly enough more alcohol consumption is done by those who aren’t dependent on alcohol. Meaning, binge drinking is the real contributor to high numbers of alcohol drinking. Binge drinking is four or more alcoholic drinks within a two hour period.

Alcoholism And The Costs For Society

The CDC says that alcohol drinking costs more than $200 billion annually. Binge drinking is the cause for 70 percent of that number. Federal and state and local governments pay 30 percent of the costs.

These costs include healthcare, crime and law enforcement, and car accidents. The most go toward workplace productivity. Of course, incidents are often unreported. So these figures aren’t always accurate.

Drinking alcohol regularly can be a contributor to 25 diseases or conditions. It can affect psychiatric issues, cardiovascular problems, cancers, and digestive disorders. It can also increase the risks of stroke, heart disease, and diabetes.

$28 billion is spent a year on healthcare to treat alcohol-related problems.

The consumption of alcohol can also lead to violence and aggression. There are many injuries caused by alcohol, both intentional and unintentional. Alcohol use can lower inhibitions and make people more impulsive. This can lead to dangerous situations.

Alcohol is often easily linked to outbreaks of violence. Many research studies have shown the connections between the two.

Alcoholism And How It Affects Families

There is more than just the cost of the effects of alcoholism on society. There is also an intense relationship between alcoholism and family problems. Addiction can wreck and pull apart families.

What starts at home always moves forward into the community. So this problem isn’t just bound to home.

Since alcohol abuse and addiction are related to violence, there is often an increase in domestic violence. It can also be the reason behind families financial issues if someone is spending all their money at bars or on alcohol that can cause problems. It also might affect work and the income they depend on.

Child abuse or subsequent neglect can be blamed on alcohol abuse as well. Kids can be ignored or forgotten in favor of alcohol.

Domestic violence is also common for binge drinking. This is because even if they don’t drink much if someone drinks a lot at once than can still get violent. They aren’t really affected by continuous use so it can increase the violence each time.

Fetal Alcohol Syndrome is sadly too common in the United States. This is caused by mothers drinking heavily throughout their pregnancy.

Children whose parents are alcoholics are more likely to grow up to have the same problems.

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