Scientific Excellence

With a turnover of £80bn each year, the UK food industry is the largest manufacturing sector in the country. At the heart of this industry is animal science. 

Home to leading research organisations across England,  Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, the UK’s expertise in animal and agricultural science and technology is world-renowned.

It has a proven track-record of research discoveries and techniques which are helping  producers and processors throughout the world deliver safe, affordable and nutritious food.

From genome mapping and sequencing to cloning, selective breeding and livestock management and nutrition, UK animal science is leading the way in developing high welfare, sustainable livestock systems which minimise the impact of food production on the environment

Join EAAP in 2016 as it showcases the best of what UK animal science has to offer, and looks to the future of what global animal science can achieve by working together.

Agriculture in Northern Ireland

Agriculture, fisheries and food are cornerstones of the Northern Ireland economy. Its food and drink processing sector alone is worth more than £4.2bn, with almost 70% of production exported.

With a primarily livestock-based agriculture industry, the country has a strong market and consumer focus on livestock production, as well as an excellent record of science-led innovation across the sector.

It has worked hard to build a worldwide reputation for excellent food, which has been achieved through the quality of its livestock and food produce.

We hope delegates will have plenty of opportunities to try fresh local produce, as well as being able to see how animal science has helped stimulate innovation and entrepreneurship in Northern Ireland’s livestock sector.

Animal Science in Belfast: Bringing the best to EAAP

The AgriFood and Biosciences Institute (AFBI), based in Belfast, provides a strong integrated research approach to agriculture and food production.

Embracing a wide range of scientific expertise including soil, plant, animal, veterinary, environmental, socio-economic and good sciences, AFBI scientists work closely with the local agri-food sector to improve the profitability, competitiveness and sustainability of livestock production. 

Belfast also has two universities with a strong focus on biological science.  Queen’s University, founded in 1845, is a member of the Russell Group of 20 leading research-intensive universities in the UK. 

It has recently established the Institute of Global Food Security with a primary focus on ensuring sustainable, safe and secure supplies of high-quality food. 

The University of Ulster hosts the internationally-renowned Northern Ireland Centre for Food and Health and also has a strong focus on technology and engineering.

Our partnership approach

Belfast is known around the world for its scientific excellence and we recognise that by working together in partnership we can deliver a memorable conference experience to all delegates.   The AgriFood and Biosciences Institute, both local universities and the wider agri-food sector will work in partnership with EAAP to deliver an inspiring conference experience.