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Message For Teens

No one is too young to be affected by alcoholism. This means that teens can be alcoholics and that they might have alcoholics in their lives.

Alcoholism and drug addiction is a known disease. People may choose to drink for that first time, but no one wants to be dependent on the substance. Once this happens, it takes over. Alcohol and drug addiction can alter brain chemistry.

If you are young, your brain is still developing, and you can be more heavily influenced by alcohol abuse. By virtue of your age, you can become addicted a lot more easily.

If someone around you is a heavy drinker, then that might mean alcohol is available to you. You should be sure not to make bad decisions. Take a look at that family member and see how alcohol affects them.

Alcohol addiction recovery group
addiction of alcohol and drugs

Do you really want to end up like that?

As a kid, you should be having fun and hanging out with friends. It’s normal to go to parties and normal to be pressured to do things. What isn’t normal is feeling the need to drink all the time. If you feel that you can’t function without alcohol in your system then it might be time to get help.

It can be hard to ask for help. You might be afraid of what your parents or friends will think. But there are recovery and treatment programs there to help you.

We have Alcoholics Anonymous chapters that are for teens and young adults. It can be important to find people your age to relate to and admire.

Recovery is a process that no child should have to go through. But if you need it, then don’t be ashamed or worried. Ask for help, we are here to provide it.