Dunbia to address supply chain integration at EAAP 2016

Finding ways to integrate supply chains to deliver consistently high-quality produce is just one of the many practical sessions delegates at this year’s EAAP conference are set to attend.

dunbia-200x200.jpgUK meat processor and conference sponsor Dunbia has put together a special industry workshop looking at the role of supply chain integration in meat quality as part of a number of special sessions examining how developments in livestock science can improve food production.

Dr Ryan Law, Dunbia’s Agricultural Research Manager, said: “We believe that the agri-food industry must strive towards supply chain integration in order to address one of its biggest challenges – lack of consistency in meat quality.

“We have developed an industry session which focuses on the link between Supply Chain Integration and the delivery of consistent, high quality product.”

Dunbia’s conference session will bring together four speakers who represent this supply chain and who are committed to supply chain integration.

Farmer Marc Jones, who runs a beef and sheep farm in Wales, will join Will Jackson from retailer The Co-op, as well as Professor Chris Calkins from the Institute of Agriculture and Natural Resources at University of Nebraska-Lincoln, whose research focuses on meat quality and the effects of production systems on quality.

Dr Law will complete the panel, and will explain the development of Dunbia’s Integrated Beef Scheme.

"We hope that delegates attending this session will leave with a clearer vision of how supply chain integration can and does work,” Dr Law adds.

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Jim Dobson, Dunbia Chief Executive (pictured left, above, with EAAP 2016 organising committee members Mike Steele of BSAS and Sinclair Mayne of AFBI), says the processor is proud to offer its support to EAAP 2016.

“Our Agricultural Research Department is central to our vision of driving improvements and efficiencies across our industry through collaboration with industry bodies and academic institutions, with the ultimate aim of creating a sustainable and profitable industry for all," he says.

"We believe that the UK agricultural industry is among the best in the world and through EAAP 2016 we can showcase it to stakeholders and key influencers from across the globe.”

“The importance of EAAP 2016 to Northern Ireland and the wider UK agriculture industry cannot be over-stated,” Mr Dobson adds.

“It offers an excellent opportunity to showcase the very best of UK and Irish livestock farming to an international audience and to engage, network and learn from the best in the world. I would encourage anyone involved or interested in agri-food to attend the conference.”

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