EAAP delegates to be welcomed aboard AFBI’s scientific research ship

The Agri-Food and Bioscience Institute (AFBI) scientific research ship, the RV Corystes, is set to open its doors to welcome hundreds of delegates from this year’s EAAP conference in Belfast.

For three days the RV Corsystes will be moored a short distance from the Waterfront Conference Centreso that EAAP 2016 delegates can find out about the research carried out in Northern Ireland’s coastal waters and the Irish Sea, and about life as a marine scientist.


Amongst its many roles, AFBI’s research ship collects data on fish stocks, which is used to advise policy-makers and shape legislation around the country’s fishing industry.

The surveys make use of specialised fishing gear and acoustic sensing techniques to learn about the status of fish stocks, and formulate annual scientific advice to ensure the long-term sustainability and profitability of the Northern Ireland fishing sector.

Alongside its research role, RV Corsystes also provides an emergency response service to help  protect the marine environment and fishing sector.

Delegates at EAAP 2016 will be able to visit the ship on Sunday 28 August or during lunchtimes 29 and 30 August and see what the ship does.

Mike Steele, chief executive of conference organisers BSAS, said: “We are delighted that AFBI, as a key sponsor of EAAP2016, has agreed to bring this unique research facility into the conference.

“Fisheries and aquaculture are key industries in Northern Ireland and we are sure delegates from all of the different animal scientific disciplines will find their visit fascinating.

“Delegates will have a chance to taste high quality fish during the conference, so this will give then an insight into how AFBI is helping fight the scientific challenges facing producers and fishermen.”

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