Apply now for EAAP Study Commissions

Animal scientists are being offered the chance to create their own European animal science network and work with the best researchers in the continent by taking part in the EAAP’s Study Commissions.

Interested scientists are invited to apply for a position on the Commissions by filling in an application form by 15 August 2015. 

Successful candidates will be selected by EAAP general council on 2 September.

Open positions for 2015 include:

  • Cattle: two Vice-Presidents and one Industry Representative (one of the vice-presidents could be an industry representative)

  • Nutrition: one Secretary

  • Genetics: one President and two Vice-Presidents (one of which also industry representative)

  • Health and welfare: two Vice-Presidents, one Secretary (one of the three positions has to be an industry representative)

  • Livestock farming systems: one Industry Representative

  • Horse: one Secretary, one Industry Representative

  • Sheep and goat: one Secretary, one Industry Representative

  • Physiology: one Secretary

For more information or to send an application form and CV, email

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