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There are two types of AA meetings you may attend.

Open Meetings

Open meetings are the most common. They work as one would assume, they are open to the general public. This includes newcomers, families, friends, researches. These are also good for those who want to know more about whether or not they may have an addiction.

There is a pretty general pattern for these open meetings. Head chairperson will describe AA and what it does. Then they will have a few speakers, usually, regulars, to tell their stories to everyone.

This can mean they talk about their history with drinking and how they overcame it. They may talk about their struggles. They will not sugarcoat anything and will be honest about the trials.

There is usually time for any announcements and a plate passed around for donations. Afterward, there is coffee or snacks for general discussion and leaving.

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Alcoholic Anonymous

Closed Meetings

These meetings are specifically generated for alcoholics. This means no one else except people in recovery from alcohol addiction is welcome or admitted.

This is a chance for people to find others to relate to. There will often be a discussion of problems and relapsing. Coping skills for life after recovery are often worked on. There is a book study and discussion.

Some topics are picked ahead of time that people talk about. It is a very frank discussion and meant to bring people together. A support group is often shown to be the best therapy for recovering alcoholics.

Do you think you have a drinking problem? Then sorry to say this, but you probably do. We accept anyone to a meeting that agrees that they want to stop drinking. That’s all that counts, your desire to be sober.